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Buying an RV Based on Size


One of the more important considerations you’ll need to make while shopping for an RV is what size is best for you. The size of your camper will determine the performance, cost and other characteristics that will directly impact your driving experience. That’s why considering your RV size is one of the most vital steps to finding the perfect RV.

Our staff at San Antonio RVs in Seguin and Spring Branch, TX is dedicated to helping all our clients identify their best RV buying options. Here are some tips if you’re shopping for a camper based on size.

Consider Group Size

You’ll want to invest in an RV that can safely and comfortably transport all your passengers. That’s why you should try to have an estimated average of potential passengers in mind when you’re choosing between your options. Your passengers will also need to bring along personal items, so you’ll need to ensure that the RV you choose has the right amount of storage space.

There are also space saving options in case you need to accommodate more passengers than you initially accounted for. For example, you can find an RV with bunk beds and convertible furniture. These can accommodate large parties and also provide the right amount of floor space.

Consider Your Towing Vehicle

Size is also an important element for those seeking towable RVs. If you’re shopping for a companion camper for your truck, you’ll have to consult your owner’s manual to learn about your vehicle’s weight limits. Buying an RV that is too heavy will put unwanted strain on your tow vehicle and can lead to costly repairs later on. You should also do routine maintenance on your towing vehicle so that it is always in road-worthy conditions whenever you plan on going on a camping trip.


Shopping for larger RVs will most likely result in a higher price tag, that’s why having a budget set aside is essential when you’re considering the size of your camper. Larger RVs, especially towable models, can also lead to higher fuel and maintenance costs. That’s why you should do a quick check on your finances and establish a budget. This puts you in a better position to know where you stand when you start to compare prices for the RVs that match your desired size.

Visit our dealerships in Seguin or Spring Branch to view our various RV options. We’re also happy to serve all shoppers from San Antonio, TX.