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Cooking Hacks for Campers


Cooking tasty food is an essential part of RV adventures. But preparing meals on the road isn’t always straightforward. So, how do you overcome the challenges that come with RV cooking?

We've put together a few RV cooking hacks to make your life easy when you venture outside.

We will go through some new and time-tested tricks to help you plan your cooking better, enjoy delicious meals, and make memories in the great outdoors. This post will cover everything from prepping, recipes, cooking, organization to dish cleaning tricks.

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RV Cooking Hacks - Prepping

Use these hacks to drastically cut the time you take to make meals at the campground.

Bring Your Eggs in a Bottle

One of the simplest camping food hacks is to transport eggs without the shells. Before the trip, crack a few into a bowl, whip them up, and pour the mixture into a sealed container. This way, you’ll never have to worry about your eggs breaking during the trip.

Easy Pancakes in a Ziploc Bag

Pancakes are a staple of camping trips. But you don’t need to pack all the separate ingredients and bowls, whiskers, and measuring cups to enjoy some griddle cakes. Before leaving home, make your pancake batter, pour it into a Ziploc bag, seal it, and store it in your RV’s fridge.

Get the Ingredients Ready

To save time, prepare your cooking items before you set out. Chop and marinate the meat and thread your skewers. Depending on how long your road trip is, you can also shape your burger patties, slice veggies, and make salads. Refrigerate what needs to stay cold.

RV Cooking Hacks - Quick Recipes

What is the best food to prepare during camping? Here are a few popular camping meals.

One-pot Breakfast

Done, well, a one-pot dish will leave every camper yearning for more. You can create a dutch oven lasagna where you mix noodles, ground beef, and cheese. Another option is campfire nachos with ingredients such as tortilla chips, meat, black beans, and layers of cheese and toppings. It’s also a nice way to cut dishwashing time and save your RV freshwater.

Skillet Pizza

A delicious skillet pizza is a sure way to entice even the pickiest of eaters in your group. It's incredibly easy to make, and the number of recipes you can create is astounding. All you need is a cast-iron skillet, dough, pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings.

Foil Dinners

This easy camp cooking hack requires little prep, little clean-up, and is loaded with flavor. Just wrap lightly seasoned potatoes, onions, carrots, butter, and meat of your choice in foil and put in the campfire. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll have a complete dinner.

RV Cooking Hacks - Cooking Tricks

Here are a few brilliant ways to up your camp cooking game.

Bake Some Muffins in Orange Peels

If you'll build a campfire, try making muffins in orange pills. Bring your usual bag of oranges for your daily vitamin C, cut the fruits right down the middle, and scoop the orange guts out. Pour your homemade batter in the hollow peels, wrap with foil, and place on hot coals. After 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll have some magical muffins with a delicious orange flavor.

Try Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick

Perfect for a camping breakfast or after-dinner treat, cinnamon rolls are a nice way to boost everyone’s mood. The snack only requires a stick and pre-made rolls. Simply wrap the roll around the stick, roast over the campfire, and you’ll have a sweet treat.

Use Your Strainer as a Grill and Steamer

Your metal strainer can do more than rinsing vegetables, draining pasta, and removing solids from broths. It can also double as a grill when you don’t want to bring too many kitchen items on the road. Start using your strainer as a vegetable grill basket.

RV Cooking Hacks - Organization and Storage

Use these clever hacks to be a more organized cook during your RV trips.

Utilize Mason Jars

Mason jars are a lifesaver for an RV camping trip. You can use them for storing home-cooked meals, spices, salads, sauces, and even dry leftovers. They’ll also come in handy when you need extra drinking containers or beverage holders. Mark them with labels to ensure you know the contents of each jar.

Bulk Up On Foil

To minimize how many pots and pans you bring, and to save weight, bring lots of aluminum foil. It will replace some cookware, since you can use it as a steam pouch, frying pan, and cooking pot. Moreover, lining pots and pans will relieve the troubles of scrubbing hard-to-clean cookware. You can also use it to scrub off stuck-on food off your skillet.

Take Advantage of Nesting Cookware

Using cookware that's designed to nest nicely comes with many benefits. They take up less space, reduce clutter, and prevent slamming and falling, which can scratch and bend them. Today, it’s not just the pots and pans that are stackable. You can now find bowls, Tupperware, and utensils that nest.

RV Cooking Hacks - Cleaning

Water is a precious commodity when RVing. Use these tips to conserve water, plus your energy in the outdoors.

Use Paper Towels to Prep Dishes

When you are finished with your meal, wipe off food and grease from your dishes and pots. The more food you can scrape into the garbage, the easier it will be to clean the dishes, and the less water you’ll use. Paper towels work best since you can reuse them several times.

Prepare All Food Beforehand

Again, the best way to minimize cleaning dishes and utensils is to prepare your food in advance. This way, you never have to clean up any cutting boards, knives, and other utensils caked with raw meat. Make ready-to-eat meals at home or have all the ingredients set for instant cooking.

Use Our RV Cooking Hacks to Make Your Adventures Smoother

RV camping isn’t just about fun road trips and majestic views—it’s also about great food. But to prepare some mouth-watering treats, you’ll need to know what to cook, how to prepare the meals, and how to keep your kitchen organized and clean.

Borrow our best cooking hacks for campers to make your sojourns more satisfying and memorable.

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