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Guide to RV Camping with Children


Traveling in an RV can be a great experience for families with young children, but those long drives can also be exhausting for kids and parents alike! Of course, it can also be tricky to keep kids entertained at your campsite. But if you plan ahead to keep boredom to a bare minimum, you will be rewarded with fond memories and minimal fuss. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite tips for RV camping with children!

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Choose a Kid-Friendly Destination

Just about any destination can be kid-friendly, depending on the kid! Children have their own unique hobbies and interests that should be taken into consideration when choosing a vacation spot. For example, if your kids love to swim, then you might choose a lakeside campground with a lifeguard on duty. If your kids love horseback riding, look for a nature resort that offers guided trail rides. Some luxury RV parks feature on-site playgrounds, tennis and volleyball courts, and even fully stocked fishing ponds!

Plan Ahead

Planning a great vacation begins at the RV dealership! Make sure to choose an RV model that has plenty of elbow room and private sleeping accommodations for the whole crew. Of course, you should also have enough cargo capacity for all the essentials: not just food and clothing, but also extra bedding (in case of accidents) and toys (in case of boredom). When it comes to traveling with kids, there is no such thing as being overprepared!

Keep Them Busy

We all know that kids get bored easily – especially on road trips. Sure, these days you can always keep them occupied with an electronic device, but kids will benefit most from having a variety of activities to choose from. These might include favorite toys and books, art supplies, and simple crafts like friendship bracelets. If you want to have fun as a family, you can play some classic road trip games like 20 Questions, or enjoy an audiobook together.

Stick to a Schedule

Going on vacation means breaking from your usual routine to some degree, and that’s part of the fun – but a change of pace can also be stressful for all concerned. To avoid chaos and confusion, try to replicate your normal daily routine as much as possible when you are on vacation. For example, if you ordinarily have lunch at 12:00 sharp, stick to that schedule. This might mean packing a picnic lunch to take on the trail, or planning to stop at a roadside restaurant on the way to your next destination.

Most importantly, maintain a firm bedtime! Feel free to give your kids more leeway on vacation, but don’t do away with bedtime altogether. Active kids need their rest, and parents need time to unwind after a long day! This is your vacation too, after all.

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