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Important Tips for Taking Your Pets on an RV Trip


No one likes to leave behind their pets when they travel. It’s tough facing your pet’s big sad eyes when they realize they are getting left behind. It’s a challenge to coordinate pet care, whether you hire a house sitter or go through a kennel. It’s sad to travel with part of the family missing. With RVs, you get to bring your furry friends along for the ride! We gathered up some tips for making traveling with pets a positive experience for all involved. If you need any new parts or maintenance before your trip, stop by San Antonio RVs. Our Seguin and Spring Branch locations proudly serve those in and near San Antonio, Texas.

Get Your Pet Comfortable

The first hurdle to traveling with pets is getting them comfortable with RVs. Campers can be intimidating to pets with their foreign environment and strange smells, and then throw in the fact that the whole thing moves!

You’ll want to dedicate some time getting your pet at ease inside your RV. Start by fostering a positive first impression. Have the family hang out inside it talking in happy voices. Let your pet enter when they feel ready. Bring along toys and treats inside to help them associate your camper with fun. After a few fun times with the RV stationary, your pet should be ready to go on the road!

Maintain Their Routine

Animals get anxious when their routine is disrupted. You can help minimize this stress by sticking to their schedule as much as possible. Try to feed them at normal times. Keep your regular sleep schedule. Walk at the usual time. The more you can follow the routine, the lower stress your pet will experience.

Pack the Essentials

Campers need to be packed with everyone’s necessities - including your pets! First, you’ll need to take along enough of their food. Remember that switching up their diet can be tough on their sensitive digestive systems. Pack more food than you think you’ll need. This way, you can avoid running out of food and having to buy a new brand at a store near the campsite.

Second, bring along their bed. Frequent travelers may be tempted to buy a cheap bed and leave it in their RVs. But your pet will feel more relaxed if they are in a bed that already has their scent on it. Put the bed in a comfortable spot. If you can sleep with your pet in the room, let them sleep next to your bed.

Third, make this a vacation for your pet too! Take along some of their favorite toys, or buy toys just for use in the camper. Treats can also help make the trip fun and reinforce positive behavior in the camper.

Safe Travels Inside Campers

RVs are not a great place for pets to wander freely. They could distract the driver by trying to jump on their lap or rubbing against their leg. They could get flown across the room if you brake suddenly or take a sharp turn. It is in their best interest to ride securely inside your RV.

One option is to secure them in a crate. This is the safest way for them to be transported around. Another option is to keep them in a bedroom with a family member. This helps keep them from interfering with the driver.

For all your RV-related needs, visit San Antonio RVs. Come check out our selection of new and used campers, or update your current RV with parts replacements and maintenance. We proudly serve those in Seguin, Spring Branch, and San Antonio, Texas.