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Servicing Your RV


Becoming an RV owner is not a cheap undertaking and requires a good deal of consideration during the buying process. After you’ve gotten past that hurdle of purchasing the RV of your dreams, the new task becomes maintaining your RV to avoid any costly repairs or part replacement requirements. Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs that your RV will exhibit wherever it’s time to take it in for professional servicing.

Our service teams at RV Masters in Seguin and Spring Branch, TX are always ready to tackle any issues with our customers’ RVs. Our servicing guide will help you determine when it’s time to bring your RV in for professional care.

Roof Damage

Inspecting your RV’s roof for any sort of damage can be a real cost-saver in the long run. Seals tend to wear out over time and result in gaps or holes in crucial areas surrounding AC units, ducts, and other parts of your camper. Roof damage will inevitably lead to water leaks whenever your RV is exposed to rain or excessive moisture. Allowing this to go unchecked will put you at risk of losing your valuables on board to water damage as well as damage to your RV’s interior. If you notice any strange differences affecting your roof and seals, it’s best to bring your RV in for professional care.

Engine Damage

The lack of a healthy and fully functioning engine is one of the greatest factors that can affect your camper’s performance. Much like other vehicles, RVs will begin to exhibit a difference in behavior if there is something affecting the engine. Drivers may notice knocking sounds and even strange vibrations whenever they’re operating their RV with a compromised engine. This could result from allowing contaminated oil to flow through your engine for an extensive time frame. It can also result from not replacing the necessary filters and lubricants which can all cause strain on your engine. Dark exhaust is another indication that your vehicle is due for professional care and needs immediate attention.

Brake Damage

The safety of you and your passengers is extremely reliant on an optimal braking system within your RV. If you hear screeching whenever pumping your brakes, that’s your sign that your brake pads have worn down and need replacing as soon as possible. Other signs of damage can include resistance or vibration against your foot whenever you attempt to slow down or stop. Be sure to report this to your trusted mechanic as soon as you notice any differences in your RV’s braking performance.

Your RV will always be in good hands when you bring it to our shops in Seguin or Spring Branch for servicing. All patrons from San Antonio, TX are also welcome to visit either of our outlets!