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Summer Safety Tips for Your RV Trip


It’s a busy time of year for travelers. As the area’s top San Antonio RV sales dealer, we meet thousands of people every year who come to us for RV sales, or RV maintenance, in preparation for their upcoming vacation. And if we’re seeing this many people preparing to go RVing, so are quite a few RV dealers.

Because of this, we’d like to share some tips to help keep you safe on the road as well as keep your new RV in optimal condition. If you’re preparing for your RV camping vacation, this blog post is for you!

Before You Hit The Road…

It’s important that you accumulate a good amount of miles prior to taking your RV on a long trip for the first time. Our San Antonio RV sales team meets people new to RVing on a daily basis, and one of the suggestions we offer is to get in as much practice as possible. Driving an RV is very different from driving a car so it’s important to make note of the types of turns you will encounter as well as adjust to parking your RV.

It’s also important to practice driving within the confines of your driving lane and getting a feel for the amount of space allowed for your RV. Other driving aspects to consider with your RV for sale are merging onto as well as exiting major highways, maintaining and adhering to speed limits, and switching lanes. You’ll also want to learn and develop your skills for braking and reversing.

Once you become comfortable taking your RV out on the road and are ready to take it camping, there are some things you want to check prior to your trip. Our San Antonio RV sales sales team always suggests checking your tire pressure before leaving your current location as well as consistently checking it throughout your trip. This is actually important to do for both your RV as well as your towing vehicle should you be using one. Once we’ve helped you find the perfect RV for sale, one tool our RV maintenance team suggests having installed is a tire pressure monitoring system so that you can receive alerts should your tires’ condition begin to deteriorate.

Next, you’ll want to check the weather on your route. Severe weather can impact your visibility as well as cause dangerous conditions on the road. If the forecast calls for unfavorable weather, it gives you the opportunity to plan a different route or anticipate the bad weather and create a plan for when it hits.

Finally, our San Antonio RV sales team always advises to drive responsibly. Your RV for sale will quickly become a big part of your family so it’s important to treat it with the utmost care whether you’re behind the wheel or parking it for the winter. Take breaks when needed and never get behind the wheel while impaired. And always provide plenty of space between you and the vehicles ahead of you.

Ready to Find Your RV for Sale?

We love meeting RVers both novice and veteran! If you’re ready to find the perfect RV for sale, our San Antonio RV sales team is ready to help you. If your search for ‘RV dealer near me’ brought you to us, be sure to check out our inventory and contact us to take a tour of your future RV today at 210.816.6866!