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Taking Care of Your Coachmen RV


If you’ve already taken the big step and invested in a Coachmen RV, you probably have considered several ways to preserve your investment. RVs are heavy-duty machines designed to withstand varying challenging conditions, but they still require adequate care to serve you properly. Practicing different maintenance techniques is a great way to keep your Coachmen RV running as smoothly as possible.

At San Antonio RVs in Seguin, and Spring Branch TX, we don’t just pair our shoppers with great Coachmen products, but we tell them how to care for them too. Here are some practices you can explore to keep your RV in great shape.

Inspect Your Roof and Seals

Over time, your RV’s roof and seals will endure wear and tear due to the change in environments they’ll constantly be exposed to. This can result in water leaks, that can result in costly repairs not just for your RV but for your other valuables. Leaks can come from your roof’s seams, AC units, sky lights, etc. and is caused when water soaks through your roof’s outer frame. Checking for leaks and sealing unwanted openings are great ways to protect your RV from damage.

Inspect Your Tires

A large number of Coachmen RVs are built to transport heavy cargo across long distances. This means that you’ll need to keep an eye on your tires to ensure they’re in good shape before every trip. Exposure to heat and dust can cause dry rot to your tires if your RV has been parked for too long. General wear and tear, and deterioration of your treading will also make you vulnerable to rips, punctures and blow outs. Ensure that you tires are free of damages and that they have the right air pressure so you can avoid harmful accidents out on the road.

Replace Your Filters

Your RVs filters work hard to ensure that no harmful substances make their way into the important mechanical parts of your vehicle. This means they will trap and hold a number of substances that will built up over time. Replacing your air, hydraulic and coolant filters are imperative to keeping your engine healthy. If these filters are compromised, they can’t block your internal structures from dirt and debris. This will result in costly part replacement due to irreparable damage if left unchecked. Be sure to change your filters regularly to keep your Coachmen RV functioning at its best.

Our dealerships in Seguin and Spring Branch are the best locations to find quality Coachmen RVs. We encourage anyone looking to learn more about our inventory to stop by for a viewing! We are also happy to serve all patrons from San Antonio, TX.