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The Benefits of Owning a Fifth Wheel


A fifth wheel is a type of towable RV. They are built with an overhang that overlaps with a truck bed, meaning you will need a specific type of vehicle to move it from one place to another. They are great options for several reasons and our team at San Antonio RVs is excited to share the benefits of owning a fifth wheel with you!

Plenty of Livable Space

One of the biggest highlights of having a fifth wheel is the luxury you will feel surrounded by so much space. Their unique coupling option allows the rig to be heavier and longer than other towable options, allowing them to have more layout options and more room!

Having an ample amount of space can really contribute to your overall travel experience. You have the flexibility to spread out and not feel super cramped in your accommodations, which is very beneficial.

Many Storage Options

Along with the larger living space, you will also benefit from having more storage space. The interior will include ample cabinet spaces, with many models offering kitchen pantries and larger closet areas. The exterior will include several compartment spaces for storing additional supplies and RV essentials.

Having more flexibility in your storage options can help you feel more prepared on the road and during your travel adventures. You can pack more clothing, roadside tools, and even keep your favorite board games! Extra storage space can make your fifth wheel really feel like home.

Having an On-Site Vehicle

Because fifth wheels need to be towed, you’ll have the advantage of having access to a personal vehicle during your vacation or excursion. When you arrive at your campsite destination, you’ll be able to set up your fifth wheel and have a vehicle ready for exploring! Instead of driving a bulky motorhome, you’ll have the comfort and ease of using your truck.

There are endless benefits to owning a fifth wheel! If we’ve convinced you, we’d love to show off our wide selection of models. We are located in both Seguin and Spring Branch, and happily serve the communities surrounding San Antonio.